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about alpha pack

They say good things come in small packages. At Alpha Pack, we believe great things come in custom packages, whether small cartons, large printed shipping boxes, or anything in between. With various shapes, colors, materials, and sizes, we give you the tools to create something exciting on the outside, thus exciting your customers about what’s on the inside.

why alpha pack ?

Can create any sizes to suit any product

Don’t settle for stock sizes when you don’t have to. Our boxes can all be sized to give your product a snug and safe fit.


Top-notch quality

The finest materials and the most precise layout process - so putting your box together is a smooth and easy task that can be done in seconds.

Variety of material

Imprint your brand on a tempting choice of materials - from thin, flat paperboard to thick, corrugated cardboard, and from bright, crisp white to earthy, brown Kraft.

State of the art printing

See your logo or your full design printed beautifully using only the finest presses. With full CMYK color printing at your fingertips, your brand will beam with color

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